Fascial plasticity – a new neurobiological explanation: Part 2

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TitreFascial plasticity – a new neurobiological explanation: Part 2
Publication TypeJournal Article
Année de Publication2003
AuthorsSchleip R
JournalJournal of Bodywork and movement therapies

Part 1 of this two part article showed that immediate fascial responsiveness to manipulation cannot be explained by its mechanical properties alone. Fascia is densely innervated by mechanoreceptors which are responsive to myofascial manipulation. They are intimately connected with the central nervous system and specially with the autonomic nervous system. Part 2 of the article shows how stimulation of these receptors can trigger viscosity changes in the ground substance. The discovery and implications of the existence of fascial smooth muscle cells are of special interest in relation to fibromyalgia, amongst other conditions. An attitudinal shift is suggested, from a mechanical body concept towards a cybernetic model, in which the practitioner's intervention are seen as stimulation for self-regulatory processes within the client's organism. Practical implications of this approach in myofascial manipulation will be explored.